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Name the Team Voting Underway for Port Angeles Franchise

West Coast League LogoMatt Acker, who is working to place a summer collegiate West Coast League franchise in Port Angeles (WA), has narrowed the list of potential team names to Hooks,  Pinchers, Sasquatch and Timber Giants.  Vote here.  Read background story here.  Based on a clue in the background story about a relocation and the rumor we have heard, it appears Acker is going to move his once-promising but now-attendance-cellar-dweller Kitsap BlueJackets to Port Angeles under a new name, and place the BlueJackets in the Puget Sound Collegiate League, where he serves as president.  Read about Acker’s acquisition of the BlueJackets here.


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Puget Sound Collegiate League Formed

A new summer collegiate league has been launched in the Pacific Northwest called the Puget Sound Collegiate League.  The six teams named are the Tumwater Brewers, Hawks Prairie Cardinals, Nisqually Silvers, West Olympia Linx, Olympia Athletics and the Lacey Saints.  This is a pay to play league, so we don’t expect the league or the teams to be run minor league-style.  Players will be socked for $3,000 each.  Read more here.


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