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Amarillo Sox Correct the Record on Support for New Downtown Ballpark

Amarillo Sox LogoThe owner of the indy pro Amarillo Sox (American Association) had to reiterate the team’s support for the city’s effort to bring a new baseball stadium to downtown Amarillo (TX), after Sox General Manager Mark Lee suggested the city should have started revitalization by fixing the downtown Civic Center and upgrading Potter County Stadium, where the team currently plays.  Read more hereWatch Lee’s interview here at the 1:36 mark.

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Details of Competing Proposals Emerge in Amarillo

As we know, Potter County (TX) is expected to approve a deal with Scott Berry and Southern Independent Baseball on Monday to bring a new American Association team to Potter County Memorial Stadium, former home of the United League’s Amarillo Dillas.  Click here to see how the SIB proposal stacks up against the other bidders.

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Four Submit Bids to Use Amarillo Ballpark

Potter County (TX) has received four bids to lease Amarilllo National Bank Dilla Villa (Potter County Memorial Stadium), including Southern Independent Baseball (American Association), the new Pecos League, an unknown entity called Amarillo Community Baseball Club, and the recently evicted Amarillo Dillas.  The county commissioners are expected to make a final decision next month.  Read more here.

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