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NASA Celebrates Opening Day

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NASA to Participate in First Baseball Eclipse Game Delay

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center geologist Noah Petro will be heading to Oregon soon to officiate the nation’s first baseball eclipse game delay at the home of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes (Single-A, Northwest League) on Aug. 21.  Petro and NASA will join the teams there for eclipse-related events during a four-day “EclipseFest.”  Read more here.

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‘Spaceball’ Completes Mission, Touches Down Back on Cape Cod

PRESS RELEASE – The Cape Cod Baseball League’s “Spaceball” has arrived back home after hitching a ride on the Space Shuttle Endeavour for its 25th and final mission to the International Space Station, a round trip of more than 6.5 million miles and 248 orbits of the Earth. Continue reading

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A Little End of Week Fun…Baseball on Mars?

NASA_LogoIn partnership, NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame will host a workshop for kids to learn more about Mars and baseball.  The kids will create uniforms, stadium designs, and new rules while taking into consideration the Martian environment.  The workshop will take place tomorrow in Cooperstown.  Read more here.

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