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Judge Dismisses Kokomo Market Lawsuit by Owner of Wild Things

Frontier League logoWashington Wild Things LogoKokomo Jackrabbits LogoAn Indiana federal judge recently dismissed a derivative suit brought by an independent baseball team in the Frontier League over a missed opportunity for the league to expand in Kokomo (IN), saying the claims are based on the possibility of a business relationship not an actual one.  Read more here.


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Kokomo Lands New Prospect League Franchise, Team Naming Contest Under Way

Prospect League LogoKokomo (IN) Mayor Greg Goodnight joined Prospect League officials and new Kokomo team owner Michael Zimmerman to announce that Kokomo will join the Prospect League with new team for the 2015 season.  Read more here.  View official announcement here.  Check out the comical and interactive “Team Naming Contest” hereRead more about the owner here.

Kokomo Baseball Stadium Rendering 2


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