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Maine Vacation

Alan Poff Skunk BeardThings have been a little extra slow here, as your webmaster is on vacation on the coast of Maine with no Internet access and limited cell service.  Thank goodness for the iPhone’s Personal Hotspot and one bar of service!  We’ll be back up to full speed next Tuesday.  Thanks for your patience.





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Maine Artist Carves Up Hallowed Grounds in Hallowell

In a nice story for a lazy Sunday, John Kennedy, an artist, wood carver, and carpenter from Hallowell (ME), has carved the images of 36 standing baseball stadiums from 9-by-12-inch pieces of Eastern White Pine.  His collection will be on display today from 5 to 8 p.m. at Hoxter’s Sports Bar & Bistro in Hallowell.  Read more hereView close up of Miller Park hereView close up of Fenway Park here.

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The Ballpark at OOB to Get New Team

It was one and done for the New England Collegiate Baseball League’s Raging Tide this past season at The Ballpark in Old Orchard Beach (ME), but it appears the revived facility won’t be without a baseball tenant for long.  The second-year Futures Collegiate Baseball League is knocking at the door and could have a final lease deal approved by the town council as early as Dec. 20.  Read more here.


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‘Name the Team’ Contest Underway in OOB, Woofstock on Sunday


The Ballpark at Old Orchard Beach (ME) is hosting Woofstock 2010 on Sunday, October 24.  This event is not only for the dogs and dog lovers, but for fans who want to meet the owners of the relocated NECBL team that will make The Ballpark home for the 2011 season.  During the event, fans will also have an opportunity to enter the “Name the Team” contest.  Read more here.

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Lease Details Finalized, Approved in Old Orchard Beach

The Old Orchard Beach (ME) Town Council approved a lease deal on Tuesday night that would bring the NECBL’s soon-t0-be-renamed Lowell (MA) All-Americans to The Ballpark for the 2011 season.  Under the terms of the agreement, the All-Americans will pay a $10,000 user fee, a $2,000 security deposit, and 10 percent Continue reading

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Ballpark Commission Expected to be Formed in OOB

The Old Orchard Beach (ME) Town Council has voted to cease oversight of The Ballpark by the Conservation Commission.  The council will consider a proposal on March 2 to create a council-appointed Ballpark Commission to oversee and manage the revived former home for the Triple-A Maine Guides.  Read more here.

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