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Beyond Angels, a “Flurry of Interest” in Long Beach Waterfront Site

Should Los Angeles Angels owner Art Moreno decide to keep his Major League Baseball team in Anaheim, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia is not too concerned, as he thinks he might be able to induce another sports owner to take a look at the 13-acre waterfront site being offered up to the Angels.  Read more here.  Read the latest about the Angels here.

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Pondering the Value of Angel Stadium, Hosting the Angels

Angel Stadium has been an expensive asset that has yielded little profit for Anaheim over the past two decades, according to recently released city data. But city spokesman Mike Lyster has a take that goes beyond the numbers.  Read more here.

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‘Los Angeles Angels’ Name Here to Stay

As the Angels prepare to negotiate a potential new lease with the city of Anaheim (CA), the team would like to make one thing perfectly clear: The team name will remain the Los Angeles Angels.  Read more here.

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No Kicking Angels Out of Angel Stadium

The one-year ballpark lease extension the council approved with the Los Angeles Angels in January didn’t mean the current lease would expire when the extension does.  As a result, the Angels could choose between a new or renovated stadium in Anaheim, a proposed waterfront ballpark in Long Beach, or simply play out their current lease, which extends through 2029.  Read more here.

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Potential $1 Billion Price Tag for Proposed Angels Ballpark in Long Beach

A waterfront ballpark to attract the Los Angeles Angels to Long Beach CA) could cost more than $1.1 billion, and the city has received a study that explores options for paying some or all of that cost, according to city documents released Monday night.  Read more here.

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Angels to Explore Possible Development Around Ballpark

Ahead of their negotiations with the city of Anaheim (CA) to sign a long-term ballpark lease, the Los Angeles Angels have hired a real estate consulting firm to explore development on the 150-acre Angel Stadium site in the city’s growing Platinum Triangle.  Read more here.

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Long Beach Waterfront Ballpark for the Angels?

Half a century after the now-Los Angeles Angels passed on a chance to move to Long Beach (CA), the city has approached the MLB franchise to gauge interest in a new ballpark on a waterfront site.  Read more here.

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