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Angels Owner Frustrated by Lease Negotiations

Los Angeles Angels LogoLos Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno is frustrated with the lack of progress between the club and the city of Anaheim over negotiations on a new lease for Angel Stadium.  Read more here.

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Under Deal Approved Tuesday, Angels Can Drop ‘of Anaheim’

Los Angeles Angels LogoThe Anaheim (CA) City Council voted 4-1 Tuesday to enter negotiations with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim that could keep the team in the city through 2057.  The agreement extends from 2016 to 2019 the time the Angels can opt out of their current lease and gives owner Art Moreno the freedom to drop “of Anaheim” from the team’s official name.  Read more here and here.

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Anaheim Brings in $1 Million from Ballpark

Los Angeles Angels LogoFor the past 16 years, the city of Anaheim (CA) has collected an average of $1 million a year from Angel Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (formerly Anaheim Angels).  Beyond baseball, the ballpark hosts everything from Supercross motorcycle racing to car shows.  Read more here.  Behind the scenes, the team and the city are in talks to extend the ballpark’s lease beyond 2016.

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Angels Honor Slugger With Fish Hat

Los Angeles Angels LogoThe Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim) plan to honor slugger Mike Trout with a fun and unique fish hat giveaway on June 18.  Read more and view photos here.

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More Angels Ballpark Shopping

Representatives from the Los Angeles Angels have reportedly had preliminary discussions with Majestic Realty Co. about relocating the franchise to the City of Industry (CA), about 19 miles from the team’s current home in Anaheim.  The developer has been working for some time to build a new football stadium to attract an NFL club, but they appear open to the idea of building a new baseball stadium in the Continue reading

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Angels Gunning for L.A.?

Anaheim Angels…er…Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim owner Art Moreno and Angels Chairman Dennis Kuhl apparently had a little pow wow with AEG, a local expert at building and financing sports facilities, about possibly building a new ballpark in downtown Los Angeles.  Read more here.

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A Strike at Angel Stadium?

No, we’re not talking about the “three strikes and you’re out” kind of strike.  Workers at Angel Stadium, home of MLB’s Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, have voted to authorize their union, the SEIU United Service Workers West, to call a strike at any time.  The workers, which include janitors, ushers, and ticket takers, claim to be underpaid compared to their counterparts in Oakland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  Read more here.

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Angels to Put 50th Anniversary Logo on Game Balls

The Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim plan to put their 50th anniversary logo on all game balls.  The Angels use over 4,400 balls per season.  Read more and view photo here.

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