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Lafayette to Demolish Loeb Stadium, Build New Park

Lafayette Aviators Primary LogoThe city of Lafayette (IN) plans to demolish 80-year-old Loeb Stadium and replace it with a new ballpark.  The estimated $10 million facility would be designed by the same architect that designed the new ballpark in Kokomo (IN).   Read more here.  This makes sense, of course, as the Kokomo Jackrabbits and Lafayette Continue reading


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Checking In with the Prospect League

Prospect League LogoThe summer collegiate Prospect League’s season is off and running, and newcomers to the circuit, the Lafayette Aviators and DuPage Drones, are reporting per-game average attendance numbers of 949 and 146, respectively.  Meanwhile, the Hannibal Cavemen have rebooted the franchise, both actually and mentally, with a refreshed logo and a new website, after now-resolved “internal business issues” caused front office division for the past three and a half years.  Read more here.

Hannibal Cavemen

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Fans Select Aviators Logo

Lafayette Aviators Primary LogoPRESS RELEASE – The fans of the Lafayette Aviators have once again spoken and strongly signaled their desire to be represented by the mustached jacketed aviator as represented in the team’s new logo. Continue reading

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It’s the ‘Lafayette Aviators’

Prospect League LogoThe name of the new summer collegiate Prospect League franchise in Lafayette (IN) will be known as the Lafayette Aviators.  Three logo options were introduced today on social media to solicit fan opinions before announcing a winner later this month.  Read more hereView press release here.  Thanks to Mark Tobin for the heads up.

Lafayette Aviators Logo Options


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