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SmartMoney.com Provides Financial Lessons from Dodgers’ Dealings

SmartMoney.com’s Jack Hough takes an interesting look at Frank and Jamie McCourt‘s operation of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the seven (7) personal finance lessons that can be learned from their financial dealings.  BTW, we love the t-shirt idea!  Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.

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Unofficial Fan Boycott of Dodgers?

Paid attendance at Dodger Stadium has reportedly dropped an average of 8,188 per game over last year’s figures, and this doesn’t include the thousands of no-shows on any given night.  Certainly, this is in no small part due to the ugly goings on with the storied Los Angles Dodgers franchise.  Read more here.  Related news: Read about the city’s community-ownership proposal hereRead about MLB’s Continue reading

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Ahh, Making Memories at the Ballpark!

A man dropped his daughter in a failed attempt to catch a foul ball at Dodger Stadium on Saturday.  The daughter was not physically hurt, but her feelings were certainly tweaked by dear old dad’s stunt.  He’s lucky he didn’t get more than an elbow.  Watch video here.  Oh, and back to the business of the game, here’s an update on the Dodgers’ ownership saga.

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