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Here’s the World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog

As we reported earlier this week, the indy pro Brockton Rox (Can-Am League) plan to offer an $80 hot dog to break the Guinness World Record for the planet’s most expensive hot dog.  Read more and view photo here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.

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Saints Opening Weekend Won’t Be Deflating

PRESS RELEASE – Maybe the long, harsh winter has left you emotionally deflated, but the St. Paul Saints have something that will cheer you up.  Saints baseball is back and the 2011 opening homestand begins on Thursday, May 12 against the Sioux Falls Pheasants.    It includes Military Appreciation Night, Friday Night Fireworks, Dog Day, and the most anticipated giveaway item of the season – Metrodome Continue reading

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Legislators Look to Level Tax-Exempt Playing Field for Indy Clubs

Currently, affiliated ball clubs using public recreation facilities are exempt from property taxes in Ohio.  This is not the case for clubs like the Frontier League’s Lake Erie Crushers that are not affiliated with Major League Baseball.  Several concerned legislators, including Rep. Dennis Murray from Sandusky, OH, have introduced legislation in the state legislature to change this.  Sandusky is vying for a Frontier League franchise.  Read more here.

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