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LaGrave Saved, Fort Worth Cats to Return

PRESS RELEASE – In an effort to return baseball to historic LaGrave Field, a non-profit foundation agreed to pay the Tarrant Regional Water District an upfront, 10-year market-rate lease for the facility that also includes a commitment by the group to spend $3 million on renovations to the minor league baseball field.

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United League Ceases Operations

United League LogoIn not-so-surprising news, the indy pro United League has called it quits.  Read more here.


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Cue Up the Euthanasia Puns for the Cats

Ft. Worth Cats LogoThe indy pro Fort Worth Cats (United League) are on life support after losing their lease to play at LaGrave Field.  The baseball season begins May 15.  If the cats can’t find another home by the end of January, it’s doubtful the team will play, according to team owner John Bryant.  Read more here.

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Future for LaGrave Field Unclear

Ft. Worth Cats LogoThe indy pro Fort Worth Cats (United League) have been ejected from LaGrave Field, and the team name will reportedly stay in town, but the actual future of the ballpark remains unclear.  It could be leveled, if a team owner or league doesn’t step up to the plate to lease (or maybe even buy?) the facility.  We have to believe the indy pro American Association and/or Atlantic League are taking a close look at the situation.  Read more here.


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Fort Worth Cats Booted from LaGrave Field

Ft. Worth Cats LogoThe indy pro Fort Worth Cats (United League) have been asked to move out of LaGrave Field, owner John Bryant confirmed on Tuesday afternoon.  Bryant said the Cats intend to play the 2015 season and are hopeful to find a new home in the Fort Worth area. However, he acknowledged they might have to relocate to a different city in North Texas.  Read more here.


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Colts to Celebrate 15th Season, Release Logo

San Angelo Colts LogoWe haven’t seen any stories about the indy pro San Angelo Colts (United League) celebrating their 15th season at Foster Field on their website, but we did find the logo attached to an April 27 story announcing the release of the team’s 2014 schedule, without an actual schedule attached.  See logo blurb here from the local paper.  Last we heard, the Colts, Fort Worth Cats, Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings, and Mexico Paisanos would make up a four-team United League this season.

San Angelo Colts 15th Season


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Fort Worth Cats Release 2014 Schedule, United League Will Operate with Four Teams

United League LogoThe indy pro United League will operate with just four teams in 2014.  The Fort Worth Cats have released their schedule, and only the San Angelo Colts, Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings and new-entry Mexico Paisanos will be coming to LaGrave Field this season. The WhiteWings and Paisanos will apparently share Harlingen Field in Harlingen (TX).  View the Cats’ schedule here.

Forth Worth Cats LogoSan Angelo Colts LogoRio Grande Valley WhiteWings LogoMexico Paisanos Logo


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