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Pecos League Chief Visits Del Rio

Andrew Dunn, commissioner of the new Pecos League, was in Del Rio (TX) on Tuesday to discuss bringing a new team to Roosevelt Park.  While there appears to be strong support for hosting a team, the city council had many questions.  Read more here.

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Challenges in Del Rio for Upstart Pecos League

The Pecos League that has emerged from the ashes of the Continental Baseball League hopes to launch a franchise in Del Rio (TX) beginning in 2011.  But the cost of the initial renovations to Roosevelt Park ($18,000 to move the outfield fence and $25,000 to move home plate) and the timetable bring into question whether this will happen.  Quite frankly, these modifications are relatively minor and not Continue reading


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Del Rio on Deck for Pecos League, Silly Numbers Tossed About

The City of Del Rio (TX) is being courted by the developing Pecos League, or vice versa, and all signs point to another Continental Baseball League fiasco in the making.  League chief Andrew Dunn, who also owns the Las Cruces Vaqueros, has told the community that the team budget would be about $121,ooo, would average a “good” 220 fans a game, and shared with the community powers an average franchise profit in the Continue reading


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