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Communities, Congress Fighting Back Against MLB’s Minor League Contraction Plan

Norwich (CT) Mayor Peter Nystrom says he plans to fight hard to preserve his town’s little piece of Americana — the soon-to-be-renamed Connecticut Tigers (we’re hoping for Narwhals) (Single-A, New York-Penn League).  Mayor Norstrom stated:

I’m writing to every municipality affected by this.  These are community centers.  Dodd Stadium is a community center.  To me, this is a stab in the back.

U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, who represents Norwich, said he believes MLB has underestimated the clout these communities have.  He co-authored a letter signed by over 100 colleagues to MLB officials outlining the negative implications of contraction and reminding them Congress has the power to reconsider the league’s antitrust exemption.  MLB respondedRead more here.

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Clemens Acquitted

Former Major League Baseball star pitcher Roger Clemens was a acquitted Monday on all charges that he lied to Congress about his alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs.  Read more here.

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Clemens Perjury Trial Begins Today

Former MLB pitcher Roger Clemens goes on trial today in federal court for allegedly lying to Congress about his steroid use.  As you recall, “The Rocket” marched up to Capitol Hill to voluntarily (was not subpoenaed) testify before Congress to defend himself, after his name appeared in the Mitchell Report 82 times.  It backfired.  Read more here and here.

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Loggers Owner Enters Final Week in Run for Congress

LaCrosse (WI) Loggers owner and Wisconsin State Senator Dan Kapanke (R)  is in the final week of his campaign to unseat 7-term incumbent Congressman Ron Kind (D-WI-3).  Kind continues to hit Kapanke for inappropriately using $16,930 from the Loggers Foundation to help pay for improved lighting at Copeland Park.  Kapanke has responded in detail to the attack on his campaign website.  The race leans Continue reading

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