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Eau Claire Express Protect Fan Deck Value After New Lease Limits Free Beers

Eau Claire Express Secondary LogoAs you might recall, a new five-year lease allowing the summer collegiate Eau Claire Ex­press (Northwoods League) to continue using Carson Park limits fans to four free beers with the purchase of a fan deck ticket.  Overblown concerns by some city officials about potential excessive drinking that could come with previously allowed all-you-can-drink fan decks (even after 10 years of responsible Continue reading

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Limiting Beer Sales at Carson Park?

Eau Claire Express Secondary LogoThe city of Eau Claire (WI) is considering limiting all-you-can-drink beer specials on the fan decks at Carson Park as part of a new lease with the summer collegiate Eau Claire Express (Northwoods League).  First, it’s not a problem (just like it isn’t at every other ballpark in America), so leave the team alone.  Second, when did the team add a new second-tier deck down the right foul line?  Read more and watch news report here.


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