Fire Frogs Headed Back to Brevard County?

It appears the homeless Florida Fire Frogs (Single-A, Florida State League) could be headed back to Brevard County (FL), if a deal to sell the team to Cocoa Baseball Group LLC is indeed consummated.  In a motion filed with the Orange County Clerk of Courts on Oct.  7 (“Tennessee Manatee’s Emergency Motion for Order Requiring Sale of the Club Pursuant to Cocoa Baseball Club, LLC Purchase Agreement to Avoid Forfeiture of that Asset”), it includes details of a Management Agreement dated Oct. 3, 2019 (“Exhibit 3”), which provides the following:

“This Management Agreement is contingent upon a successful relocation of the baseball team from Kissimmee to Cocoa by December 1, 2019, which shall include, but not be limited to, receipt of all necessary permissions from Minor League Baseball, Major League Baseball, and the Florida State League as well as the negotiation of an acceptable License and Use Agreement with the owner of the stadium in Cocoa.”

We are not sure where the team would play, but we heard rumor about the Cocoa Expo Sports Center being a possible destination.

Under the agreement, Hoos Sports Management LLC would manage the team.  The signatures on the document include Mike Miller, Co-manager of Cocoa Baseball Group LLC; David Freeman, Manager of Manager, Manatees Baseball Club LLC; and Jonathan Griffith, Manager, Hoos Sports Management LLC.  Griffith is also president of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos (Double-A, Southern League.)


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2 responses to “Fire Frogs Headed Back to Brevard County?

  1. Tom Westermeyet

    Any current update on this sale to Cocoa Baseball Group ?

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