New Western Association Announces Henderson Hoo

PRESS RELEASE – The Western Association of Professional Baseball Clubs (“WAPB”) is proud to announce that it has accepted an application for membership to place a charter franchise in Henderson, Nevada.
The franchise will be known as the Henderson Hoo, which will begin play in 2020 as part of the planned inaugural season.

The Hoo will play their home games at Morse Field on the campus of the College of Southern Nevada where it has come to terms on a multi-year lease agreement. The franchise has been awarded to Minneapolis based business owner, Nick Sperides who is a widely respected Architect and Founding Partner of Sperides Reiners Architects, Inc., a full-service architectural design firm.

“it’s an honor to welcome the inaugural franchise to the Western Association”, said Peter Young, Vice President of Business Operations for the league. “Henderson is a vibrant area of Nevada and this level of professional baseball will definitively appeal to families, especially those with young children.”

Principal owner, Nick Sperides established his architecture business in 1998 and it is headquartered in the heart of the Twin Cities. They maintain a dedicated staff of professional, architectural, interior design and administrative support team members as a full-service design firm. Seen throughout the industry as experts in creating innovative, and high-quality healthcare and wellness centers along with corporate, retail, professional and amateur sports venues and mixed-use housing environments. Over the years Sperides Reiners Architects (“SRA”) has developed a leading name within the industry.

“We are excited to be a part of the WAPB and for the opportunity to establish the first franchise of the league in Henderson. We are eager to create a “hometown team” for the City and to engage in the community to create a baseball team for Henderson to truly call their own.” Said Team Owner, Nick Sperides. “In the formation of the Western Association we have been impressed with the mission of the league and the integrity of the group of owners and operators that will be involved. This announcement of the Henderson baseball club is the culmination of several years of hard work and research to design a business that will represent and serve the community, the players, and most important the great game of baseball well”.

The Western Association and the Hoo want to thank the College of Southern Nevada for their support and cooperation during this nearly two-year process. CSN Athletic Director, Dexter Irvin had this to say about the newly formed relationship with the Franchise, “I am a fan of baseball and a fan of CSN and Henderson, Nevada. Anytime we can utilize sport to increase the strength and stature of our community and our institution I am excited. I believe in the leadership and ownership of the Henderson Hoo, and I am excited about the possibility of working with this group to bring a viable option of sports entertainment to CSN and Henderson.”

The Henderson franchise is the first of several forthcoming announcements for the Western Association leading up to the New Year and in preparation of Opening Day 2020. To learn more about the team and to follow the development of the Henderson Hoo, please visit us at A formal press conference is being planned by the organization and details about the event will be made public in the near future.


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2 responses to “New Western Association Announces Henderson Hoo

  1. Designated Hitter

    I can remember years ago when the Golden Baseball League had interest in placing an expansion team in Henderson, Nevada. I wonder what other markets and facilities the Western Association will target. Unless things have changed in recent years I believe Morse Field on the campus of Southern Nevada can hold no more than 500 people. Perhaps the Western Association is looking to follow a league model similar to the Pacific Association.

    • Edward

      Actually they can’t follow the Pacific Association model since that league has no overnight travel. All the teams are within 2 hours of each other. My guess is it will be more similar to the Pecos or Empire league. However we’ll have to see what other towns and venues the league announces.

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