No Kicking Angels Out of Angel Stadium

The one-year ballpark lease extension the council approved with the Los Angeles Angels in January didn’t mean the current lease would expire when the extension does.  As a result, the Angels could choose between a new or renovated stadium in Anaheim, a proposed waterfront ballpark in Long Beach, or simply play out their current lease, which extends through 2029.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “No Kicking Angels Out of Angel Stadium

  1. The two sides have haggled over allowing the team to drop “Anaheim” from its name – they’ve been the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim since 2005 – and whether owner Arte Moreno’s firm should get a $1-a-year lease to develop the land around the stadium. They’ve also debated whether the team or the city should pay for major renovations to the stadium, which opened in 1966.

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