Atlantic League In, Coastal Plain League Out in Gastonia?

Gastonia (NC) leaders are leaning toward a new partnership that would bring a professional baseball franchise to the city, with the team playing in a new stadium just west of downtown and the ownership group also managing the multipurpose facility.  Read more here.


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7 responses to “Atlantic League In, Coastal Plain League Out in Gastonia?

  1. In the Know

    When will it be clear, The Atlantic League has NO CLUE what they are doing?

  2. Todd Roman

    I think Gastonia plus either Rockland or Atlantic City will get them to 10 teams. Maybe not for 2020, but 2021. League has been wanting to expand for a while, but the folding of Camden & Bridgeport have set them back.

  3. Steve

    Gastonia would definitely give High Point a travel partner and help out the geographical footprint in the Atlantic League. To keep the Atlantic League at eight teams I wonder if New Britain would be considered for relocation to Gastonia. The Bees haven’t been much of a hit at the box office based off of Atlantic League attendance numbers in recent years.

    • JG

      I dont think they are actively trying to stay at eight teams. Rickland has been wanting to move from the Can Am to the Atlantic League for a couple of years. Adding an expansion team along with that would get the AL to ten.

  4. dittrich14142013

    Atlantic League seems to be lowering the bar when it comes to market size lately. High Point and Gastonia are not particularly large markets and share media with MLB affiliates in nearby larger cities. With their attempt to “affiliate” themselves with MLB via the various experimental rules, one would think they would not want ruffle feathers with affiliated leagues by planting themselves so close to affiliated markets in High Point and now, Gastonia.

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