Ballpark Land Deal Reached in Montreal

Stephen Bronfman-owned Claridge Investments and real estate development firm Devimco have reached an agreement to develop a plot of land for sale known as the Peel Basin, where a group committed to bringing Major League Baseball back to Montreal (QC) would like to build a new stadium.  Read more here and here

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One response to “Ballpark Land Deal Reached in Montreal

  1. Michael Nolan

    So Tampa Bay is going to “share” a franchise with Montreal. Here is what I think should happen:
    The Expos make a Spring Training base in Tampa, with a stadium that seats 20,000 and play the month of April and the first week of May in that venue, then move to Montreal for the rest of the season. The easy way to do this is to upgrade Al Lang Stadium, and the area around it. Port Charlotte then can house one of the expansion teams for Spring Training.

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