M.V. Sharks in Legal Battle Over Plans to Depart Futures League for NECBL

The Martha’s Vineyard Sharks (Summer Collegiate) Futures Collegiate Baseball League) are mired in a court dispute with the Futures Collegiate Baseball League over the club’s plans to switch to the New England Collegiate Baseball League next summer.  Read more here.


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10 responses to “M.V. Sharks in Legal Battle Over Plans to Depart Futures League for NECBL

  1. Mark

    They’ve joined the NECBL according to their Facebook page.

  2. JG

    Futures League could be fighting it because of the viability of the league long term. They only have 7 teams now. Lose MV and it is down to only 6. And with Worcester on shaky ground with Pawtucket moving there, the league as a whole could be in trouble.

    • rf9

      i had the loops turned around so it sounds like the fl may be falling apart which probably isn’t very upsetting to the necbl

  3. John Watson

    They must really want out to pay all these lawyer fees. What does that say about the Futures League?

    • eastfirst107

      I guess it says that it’s cheaper to run a team in the NECBL. The FCBL has bigger markets, better ballparks and more professional operations. Teams playing at high-school fields just can’t generate the revenue needed to survive.

      MV lost half a million dollars in its first 4 seasons, and I can’t imagine that it’s gotten a whole lot better there (if it had, they wouldn’t be switching leagues). The Sharks must be looking to cut costs wherever they can.

  4. Jason Jamez

    I can understand a league charging an exit fee since it can detrimental to the rest of the clubs. I know it was a soccer league, but there were quite a few who left the NASL for the USL leaving the latter in ruins.

  5. rf9

    can this be enforced n why would you want to be in a league like that

  6. Mark

    “$100,000 exit fee and forfeit play for the next two summers”. Wow. Do other SC leagues have this kinda ruling?

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