Name the Team Contest Underway for Brandon Franchise

PRESS RELEASE – The Brandon, Manitoba affiliate of the Expedition League has announced the five finalists for the “Guess the Team Name” Contest and we want you, our great fans, to help in selecting the team name. Please let us know which team names are your favorites. Your team name selections will be an important part of the process of selecting the Brandon Expedition League team name!

The contest will run from Friday, December 7th through Tuesday, December 18th and the team name that’s chosen will be unveiled along with the team’s logo in the last half of the week of December 17th. Fans who have voted for the team name selected will be entered into a drawing for two season tickets for the 2019 season. Thanks for being a part of this exciting process!

The five finalists are:

Wheat City Wonders – Brandon was known as the Wonder City of the Northwest because of the suddenness of its birth. Let’s celebrate the birth of this great team! We wonder if this could be the team name!

Brandon Bullheads – A bullhead, or channel cat, is a common fish in these parts. Our team will be tough as a bullhead on the teams visiting Andrews Field!

Wheat City Whiskey Jacks – This is a beautiful bird found throughout Canada. Although very cute, this bird is tough and fearless since it lives throughout the entire year in Canada. Sounds like our players… cute but very, very tough and very, very fearless!

Brandon Bison – These majestic creatures once roamed the prairies of Manitoba. We’re sure that the great fans in and around Brandon will create thunder at Andrews Field like the sound of stampeding bison as we rock the ballpark!

Wheat City Threshermen – This name hearkens back to a time when threshing machines were used to harvest wheat. Our team is sure to thresh the competition like wheat!

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