Rascals Locked Out of CarShield Field

The city of O’Fallon (MO) has locked the River City Rascals (Independent Professional, Frontier League) out of the city-owned ballpark.  According to a 2017 lease agreement, the Rascals owed the city $122,000.  A plan was signed to pay back the debt over time but city officials say the team has not lived up to its part of the lease.  Read more and watch news report here.


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5 responses to “Rascals Locked Out of CarShield Field

  1. Styth

    Now the team says on their website that they have paid all of their bills.

  2. Adam Wexler

    Goodness! Something’s crazy going on over there.

  3. Mark

    They owe $122,000 in back rent. City says they’re exploring all options, including bringing in another team…

    • rf9

      river city and windy city ranked 11 th and 12 th in the fl at the gate yet windy city’s yard has a 40 % smaller capacity . so how do you pay back rent when rent is probably a struggle as for the options either lower the rent or find another team (which may be easier said than done)

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