Will Locals Save BorderCats?

A week ago, Northwoods League (Summer Collegiate) Chairman and Co-Founder Dick Radatz, Jr. blasted the past and current ownership of the Thunder Bay BorderCats as a “malady of incompetency.”  Below is more of what Radatz had to say:

“Very frankly, we’ve had incompetent ownership up there for quite some time, and they have not run the franchise properly.  It’s severely under-performed, and it’s a shame that the people of Canada had to experience this incompetency, truthfully.”

The franchise has clearly been an embarrassment for the powerhouse circuit for years, as it’s attendance has continued to languish at or near the bottom despite operating in a market with a population of over 100,000.  A group of local investors is scrambling to raise funds to save the franchise before the league-decreed deadline and upcoming October league meetings in Madison (WI).  Read more here.


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5 responses to “Will Locals Save BorderCats?

  1. Has Been, Never Will Be

    The league is run, outside of Big Top, with an iron fist, and the league’s franchise agreements and stadium leases make the league essentially breakup proof. That’s just the personality he displays. See his recent quotes on Traverse, as you mentioned, and Normal.
    And the subordinates are encouraged to use the same rhetoric. It is clear that his peers in the non-affiliated world find it insulting. Read Mr. Wolff’s quotes between the lines.
    There’s nothing wrong with thinking your brand is the best thing since sliced bread. That’s sales, brother. But don’t tell the marketplace that your competition is rotten dog poop, because the Frontier League is populated by former Northwoods League all-stars. And I dare you to find a NWL game before the CWS or after the all-star game that doesn’t have two lineups padded by guys who are playing Division 2 or lower.

  2. JG

    It is strange and a little unprofessional to see a commissioner lash out publicly against an ownership group and this after also taking shots at the Frontier League when Traverse City joined. I am starting to wonder if the NWL is actually as solid as they always state or if he is trying to deflect attention from a bigger problem with the league. Or if maybe this is just his personality

    • eastfirst107

      At 20+ teams, even if a couple of clubs are shaky, the league seems pretty solid as a whole.
      But this guy does sound like a jerk – probably why he’s running a college league and not a professional one.
      My favorite line: “it’s a shame that the people of Canada had to experience this incompetency” – yeah, the folks in Quebec City and Whitehorse are really losing lots of sleep that the friggin’ Thunder Bay Border Cats aren’t being run properly. (“And let me tell you, the souvenir stand in Kenosha didn’t have mini-bats, either! Every American should be outraged by this incompetency!”)

      • Has Been, Never Will Be

        It’s not the invention of fire. But it’s a fun product. I would dare say in some markets, even beyond Madison, that it’s a great product. It’s not great baseball played on great fields. But it’s a very good product.

      • NDBaseball

        “Malady of incompetency” is a phrase you don’t see unless you got someone with a bit of an ego.

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