Confirmed: CornBelters to Become Summer Collegiate Franchise

Normal CornBelters (Independent Professional, Frontier League) team president Steve Malliet confirmed this week that the team is  — as expected — leaving the independent professional Frontier League and will be a part of a summer collegiate wood bat league for the 2019 season.  The Northwoods League, Prospect League and Great Lakes League have been mentioned.  Read more here.


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5 responses to “Confirmed: CornBelters to Become Summer Collegiate Franchise

  1. Styth

    They still haven’t made a decision and now their website is down.

    • JG

      Not sure if it is their decision at this point. Out of the three leagues they mentioned the NWL already was not interested, the PL is at ten teams and had scheduling problems last year with eleven, and the GL is composed of smaller organizations that probably dont want to spend the extra money to travel outside of their footprint

  2. Mark

    Normal’s average this year of 1857 would be fine for the Prospect League. I doubt it would drop much lower playing in a collegiate league.

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