Baby Cakes Relocating to Wichita

Wichita (KS) is in talks with the New Orleans Baby Cakes (Triple-A, Pacific Coast League) to be Wichita’s new team, several sources said Wednesday.  The deal is close to being finalized but is not yet done, sources say.  Mayor Jeff Longwell plans a baseball announcement of some sort at his regular Thursday briefing.  Read more here.



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4 responses to “Baby Cakes Relocating to Wichita

  1. Mark

    I’m guessing the Jackson Generals move to NO.

    • I had the same thought. Process of elimination. All the other teams are either more entrenched, more vital, or shiny new.

    • Edward

      That’s what I was thinking. Now what happens to Jackson? It doesn’t really fall geographically into any independent league or lower-level affiliated league or high-level collegiate league..

      • Bart

        Jackson could possibly go with the Frontier League. They might be losing a few teams this off-season and they might be desperate to add some.

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