What’s Next for McCoy Stadium, Apex Site?

What’s next for McCoy Stadium, now that the Pawtucket Red Sox (Triple-A, International League) ownership has decided to relocate the franchise to a new ballpark in Worcester (MA).  Read more here.


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5 responses to “What’s Next for McCoy Stadium, Apex Site?

  1. Rf9

    Ottawa plays as an Indy in an ex aaa yd so why not Pawtucket

  2. Jason

    The Newport Gulls of the NECBL is an amateur team made up of college players gaining minor league experience during the summer and is not an independent professional ball club. As for an indy team moving to Pawsox, would have to win the audience over that has been used minor league baseball.

    • dittrich14142013

      Agree that Indy team would have a challenge, and they have struggled to do that in New Britain. McCoy is a bit larger facility which makes a good Indy crowd of 3,000 or so still look small. But it may be either that or nothing at all and good-bye McCoy.

  3. dittrich14142013

    The writer has independent ball and summer collegiate baseball confused. I’d be surprised if Atlantic and Can-Am leagues have not already called on Pawtucket officials to inquire about a lease.

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