Ballpark Business Releases 2018 Summer Collegiate Top 100 Attendance Rankings

The 2018 summer collegiate baseball regular season has come to a close, and our annual summer collegiate per game average attendance ranking for each of the top 100 teams is now available.

Forever in the top spot are the Madison Mallards (Northwoods League) with a commanding 6,249 fans per game. The Savannah Bananas (Coastal Plain League) and Canadian powerhouse Okotoks Dawgs (Western Major Baseball League) come in at #2 and #3, respectively.

Debuting on the list at #10 are the first-year Macon Bacon (Coastal Plain League), with an impressive inaugural showing of 2,244 per game. Five teams from the start-up Expedition League also made the Top 100 at #73, #87, #89, #93 and #96.

This year’s top performing leagues are the Northwoods with all of its 20 teams, the Coastal Plain with 15 teams, the West Coast League with 11 teams, and Cape Cod League with 10 teams appearing in the Top 100. View rankings here.


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7 responses to “Ballpark Business Releases 2018 Summer Collegiate Top 100 Attendance Rankings

  1. Mark

    According to Pointstreak, the Amsterdam Mohawks drew 26,428 over 22 home dates to average 1,201.

    • BallparkBiz


      The team (and the league) need to do a better job of updating their numbers in a timely manner. That is part of being a professionally run operation. Based on statistics reported at the time, our annual list goes up the last day a “regular season” game is played, which was, for the summer collegiates, the Northwoods League on August 17. The Mohawks last regular-season home date was July 31. You want your numbers reported accurately, get them posted! Quite frankly, it’s annoying when we have to go back in and re-rank and re-post.


  2. The Atlantic collegiate baseball league is not listed.
    Johnny regan Somerville, nj.

  3. Jason

    Will and can Madison ever be dethroned?

    • ballparkbiz

      Eventually, yes, but it may take some time. As the summer collegiate industry continues to thrive, more and more sports-business investors will begin to buy into the model. The strong summer-collegiate circuits have established so much credibility that they are now able to secure brand-new ballparks. When the St. Croix River Hounds launch in Hudson (WI), I expect they will do very well. The team will operate in the top summer-collegiate league in the country (from a business standpoint, at least), will have a new, top-notch facility, and will be very close to the growing western suburbs of the Twin Cities. If it weren’t for the St. Paul Saints, I would expect this team to be right there with the Mallards.


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