WMBL Will Change Name to WCBL, Expand Regular Season

PRESS RELEASE – The WMBL which will change its name to the WCBL is excited to announce more regular season games coming in 2019!

Commencing in 2019 the league will be known as the Western Canadian Baseball League (or WCBL, for short). This change came about following a comprehensive Vision Session conducted by our league this past spring. It was determined that the League would benefit in many respects, including the attraction of top U.S and Canadian college players, by emphasizing what made our league unique, that is our Canadian identity.

It was determined that our teams and our fans would benefit from an extension of the regular season in order to offer more home games during the best weather of the summer. In the past our regular season has consisted of 48 games (24 home games) followed by best of five (5) playoff series.

Commencing in 2019, the regular season will be extended into the first week of August and we will offer 56 games, including 28 home games, in other words four (4) more home games for our fans at a time when the weather is at its best

As in past years, the regular season will be followed by the same playoff format however recognizing the need of our college players to get back to their universities, rather than best of five (5) series, starting in 2019 all playoff series will be best of three (3).

Kevin Kvame
Western Major Baseball League
Spitz Stadium – 2425 North Parkside Drive
Lethbridge, AB T1K 6A5
(403) 320 2025 Cell: (403) 315 4064

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