Dairyland Cow Sox Celebrate National Dairy Month

PRESS RELEASE – June is National Dairy Month, and the Dairyland Cow Sox™, the original America’s Farm Team™, are bringing dairy and baseball together by raising a glass of delicious ice-cold milk in a mighty toast, while shamelessly pitching a new online merchandise store at CowSox.com.

National Dairy Month honors the 7,000 Midwest dairy farmers (and many more across the country) who join in partnership with herds of hard-working, business-minded, quality-focused dairy cows to produce fresh, tasty, and nutritious dairy products. The special month also celebrates the milk guzzlers, cheese aficionados (from the snooty wine-and-cheese crowd to the state-fair-going cheese curders), ice cream junkies, yogurt savorers, milkshake slurpers, smoothie swiggers, pizza devourers and more, who truly bring dairy to life.

The Home of Dairy and Baseball

Dairy is ingrained in our American food culture, as much as baseball is America’s Pastime — and the two truly go hand in hand. In today’s baseball world, making memories at the ballpark with family and friends is what it’s all about, and ballpark food, especially delectable dairy treats, are central to the overall ballpark experience.

“Whether it’s milk and a fresh-baked batch of chocolate-chip cookies, frozen novelties, a slice of pizza, or ice cream in a mini baseball helmet, dairy brings a ballpark to its utmost pinnacle of scrumptious atmospheric greatness, said Cow Sox™ GM Cedric “Bag Balm” Sizemore. “Without delicious dairy fun foods, we might as well just call the game.”

So, head to your nearest ballpark today (wearing some sweet-looking Cow Sox UdderGear, of course), grab yourself a delicious dairy indulgence, and give it a big “Woo Moo” shout out in celebration of National Dairy Month.

More information about National Dairy Month can be found via Moogle and Yamoo.

About the Dairyland Cow Sox

Born in a barn, the Dairyland Cow Sox, a silly and curious band of baseball-loving dairy cows, awkwardly took to the ball diamond for the first time in 1892. It was a sour debut for those burgeoning Bovine Bombers™ — those homogenized Hammerin’ Holsteins™ of the haystack  — who were tipped in a humbling defeat.

Redemption came in 1937 after years of perfecting the sport, when rookie and future barnyard star Tommy “Teats” McCarron, a cream-of-the-crop prospect known for his churning running style and cheesy smile, blasted a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth to defeat the udder team 64 to 61 and claim victory as the National World Global International Bowl Cup Trophy Title Baseball Champions. It was an udderly glorious, “Holy Cow!” moment in time.

The hay day for the Dairyland Cow Sox began to fade in later years, and the team was eventually put out to pasture. The Cow Sox were re-envisioned in 1996, and the legacy lives on today in the hearts and minds of all American dairy-loving baseball fans.


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