USPBL Seeks to Expand

Andy Appleby, founder of the United Shore Professional Baseball League (Independent Professional) and developer of Jimmy John’s Field in Utica (MI), has a proven concept.  Now, he wants to export his baseball ideas elsewhere.  He declined to say what specific 40 cities have expressed interest in USPBL expansion, citing confidentiality agreements, but he did say that they’re in the Midwest, along with Colorado and Virginia.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “USPBL Seeks to Expand

  1. Rf9

    However a PK is funded a town needs to back it n they need a second PK

  2. Edward

    Not buying that they have a proven concept. All they have proven is that a hub-league can succeed in Utica, MI. Once they expand they become a bus-league which is an entirely different “concept” unless they keep the teams close enough so no overnight travel is required (like the Pacific Association). I’m sure they realize that which would explain why they want taxpayer money.

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