Affiliated Ball to Return to Pueblo?

Not since the post-war days of the 1950’s has there been affiliated Minor League Baseball team in Pueblo (CO).  That drought could soon come to an end as community leaders are reportedly in talks with a Single-A team owner who plans to relocate his club to the Steel City.  Read more here.  Two Pueblo City Council members are concerned about the Pueblo County commissioners’ efforts.   Read more here.


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9 responses to “Affiliated Ball to Return to Pueblo?

  1. Scuffles

    Local reporters in towns that don’t yet have teams don’t do a lot of research on these stories. So Mark, I’d say you have assumed correctly.

  2. ballparkbiz

    This article makes it pretty clear that we are talking about a Pioneer League franchise, without actually saying it:

    As far as an owner who has been an owner for 17 years, that’s a little less clear.

  3. Edward

    The PL could expand by 2 teams. Since there are only 18 teams at this level (Pioneer and Appy leagues) of Rookie ball perhaps they could find 2 more MLB teams wanting affiliates at this level. Probably not. Also they could move 2 Appy league teams (Elizabethton and another) to the PL (Pueblo and a return to Helena or Casper or another new market). Again, probably not. Most likely an existing team would move, my guess would be Great Falls or Orem.

    • eastfirst107

      Finding big-league affiliates is a lot easier in the Appy than the Pioneer – lower altitudes, less travel, shorter distances to more MLB affiliates.

  4. ballparkbiz

    I don’t believe the California or Northwest would expand their footprints to include Colorado. It would almost have to be the Pioneer League, with Grand Junction in place and Helena Brewers on their way to Colorado Springs. If so, which team? Let the speculation begin:

    Billings and Idaho Falls have newer, quality ballparks. They’re not going anywhere.

    The Grand Junction ballpark has been renovated:

    Grand Junction’s parent club is less than four hours away, but Pueblo has nearly twice the population and is two hours closer. Hmmm?

    There is no way Odgen is going anywhere. Missoula has a modern, functional ballpark, but it’s 14 years old now and nothing fancy:

    Once Helena moves, Orem would appear to be the weakest link from a ballpark standpoint, as they share a newer, very functional ballpark with Utah Valley University, but it’s pretty basic, and I believe beer is still not allowed. It’s got views of the Wasatch Mountains, though:

    The Great Falls ballpark has been renovated in a cool way (my opinion) by preserving the old grandstand:

    Take out Helena, though, and Great Falls would be the weakest link from an attendance standpoint:

    I haven’t taken an in-depth look at the ownership or ballpark lease situations.

    • Bart

      Correct, still no alcohol at the ballpark in Orem.

      • ballparkbiz

        Thanks for the confirmation. I know it’s Utah, but I believe the teams in Ogden and SLC have beer. In fact, I think I have a picture of my beer at a Bees game.

  5. Mark

    The article says single A. Journalists mistake?

  6. This shapes up to be the travel partner that Colorado Springs would like to have for their drop to the Pioneer League next season. It’s only a question of which PL team is willing to sell/move.

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