Bellmead Waiting to Pull the Ballpark Trigger

The start-up Waco BlueCats (Independent Professional, Southwest League) have a logo, an official beer and a website selling swag and season passes for opening season in April 2019.  What it does not have is an actual team, an operating league, or anything more than a memorandum of understanding with the city of Bellmead (TX) to build the proposed $12-million public-private stadium.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Bellmead Waiting to Pull the Ballpark Trigger

  1. Keith

    The league needs to field a product in 2019! All involved are in danger of major trust and legitimacy problems from the public. Get going in 2019 and continually improve throughout the years to come.

    • eastfirst107

      The thing is, if you try to “get going” and rush things without being ready, your inevitably crummy product usually creates more “trust and legitimacy problems” than if you’d waited.

      • Keith

        Promises have already been gone back on for over a year now, there is nothing that says it will be a crummy product. It’s like having a kid you are never fully ready, but most take a leap of faith and it works out. This dose not mean it will be a crummy kid. They should play, keep operating costs down while continue to grow learn and get better. Voters, fans, potential players, workers and business owners where all put on hold several times already these past years.

    • JG

      Hard to have a league when you only have two teams. The league has already defaulted on the Joplin stadium lease, so they are likely out. Unless they plan on fielding multiple travel teams, I don’t see this league getting started. Maybe the Atlantic League would be interested if plans are already in place for the stadium.

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