Prospect League to Provide HD Video Streaming of All Games

PRESS RELEASE – The Prospect League has entered into a multi-year partnership with Stretch Internet to provide high definition video streams of all games beginning with the 2018 season, which begins May 30.

Each team will be responsible for producing streams of their home games, including high definition video and game commentary. The first-of-its-kind venture for the league was approved at its annual winter meeting in earlier this month.

“The unanimous approval of our directors to enter into this partnership is a major step for our league,” stated Prospect League Commissioner Dennis Bastien. “Not only does it bring every game played into subscribed homes and businesses, players families and friends, but it elevates the Prospect League in stature and recognition. We are continuing to create additional exciting partnerships in many other areas, also.”

Fans will be able to select from several subscription options, ranging from access to all league games on a given day with our Day Pass to access to all league games throughout the entire season with our Prospect League All-Access Pass.

Games will be distributed through Stretch Internet and can be watched on web-enabled devices including computers, tablets and smartphones, as well as on televisions via Prospect League-branded AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV apps.

“We are very excited to partner with the Prospect League to create an immersive league-wide live streaming platform,” said Ross Dunham, partnership strategist at Stretch Internet. “We are confident our portal, paired with our over-the-top support, will add to the already thrilling brand of baseball the league showcases every summer.”

More information on league-wide video streaming, including how to purchase a subscription, will be made available at in the coming months.

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