Mistaken Identities in the Minors

MiLB.com reporter Benjamin Hill takes a look at the numerous instances of customers who mistake a minor league team for some other entity, like the West Virginia Power (Single-A, South Atlantic League) being confused for an actual power company.  Read more here.  At BallparkBiz.com, people confuse us for actual team front offices all the time.  It’s really puzzling.  If you know how to use the Internet, it shouldn’t be that difficult to figure out.


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3 responses to “Mistaken Identities in the Minors

  1. Joe

    Funny you mention that fans mistake BallparkBiz.com for a team. Here at BaseballParks.com, we are contacted quite often by fans asking how much tickets cost at our park or when the schedule of games will be published. Huh? This seems to be particularly prevalent regarding spring-training facilities. I’ve never known why.

  2. Matt

    It’s pretty hard calling companies when your team name is the Miracle.

  3. I used to work for the Charlotte Stone Crabs (Adv. A, Florida State League) and when I would call businesses about sponsorships, people would occasionally tell me they didn’t want to buy any sea food. I then had to explain to them that we were a baseball team.

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