RiverDogs Celebrate 175th Season (in Dog Years), Unveil 25th Anniversary Logo

PRESS RELEASE – The Charleston RiverDogs are rewriting the history books heading into a milestone 2018 season. Continuing their legacy of fun, the Charleston club has unveiled their 25th season logo, celebrating their 175th season in dog years as the Charleston RiverDogs.

“We are grateful to be a part of a city with so much history,” said RiverDogs President and General Manager Dave Echols. “While we may be Charleston’s youngest historic site, in dog years, we rank right there among some of the Lowcountry’s oldest institutions.”

The celebratory logo was created by Studio Simon, who also redesigned and refreshed the RiverDogs’ logo package in 2015. The dog collar logo balances the history and tongue-in-cheek fun synonymous with the RiverDogs brand. With a past that includes “Nobody Night” and the World’s Largest Silly String Fight, the RiverDogs are coming off a record-setting season in attendance and gearing up for their 25th year. “We’re going to ask fans to start paying in dog dollar prices, so an $8 general admission ticket will now be $56,” quipped Echols.

Along with a brand-new promotional calendar in the works, the club will take time to reflect on some of the best RiverDogs theme nights of yesteryear. The club will also highlight their storied history of former players with the likes of Josh Hamilton, Aaron Judge, Alex Rodriguez, and Delmon Young all having once suited up in the RiverDogs uniform.

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