Wichita: Affiliated Baseball Announcement Coming Dec. 7?

Wichita (KS) Mayor Jeff Longwell promised good news for Wichitans who want a new affiliated baseball team by the end of this year.  That good news might be delivered on Dec. 7, according to Longwell.  Read more here.


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7 responses to “Wichita: Affiliated Baseball Announcement Coming Dec. 7?

  1. Rf9

    Could New Orleans be on the way to Wichita ?

  2. Edward

    I heard that Wichita is getting a AAA team that is currently in play. The only AAA teams I know that are looking to move are the Skysox and Pawsox. The Skysox apparently are moving to San Antonio and the Pawsox are only looking in New England. So what other AAA team is in play?

    • ballparkbiz

      With the Missions heading to Amarillo, there doesn’t appear to be another possible Texas League target. Wichita is three times the size of Midland, and the RockHounds play in a ballpark built in 2002. Their attendance is at the bottom of the Texas League, although 4,211 fans per game is still respectable. But, my guess is that Midland is not the target.

      At $65 million, the planned Wichita ballpark is in the range for a Triple-A facility. While Gwinnett plays in a new ballpark, their attendance is atrocious at 3,135 fans per game. I don’t know what kind of lease deal they have, but if I were the owner, and it was possible, I would run as fast as I could to a new market with a new ballpark. Wichita is outside the International League footprint, so my guess is that Wichita is not talking with Gwinnett.

      If Wichita is indeed talking with a Triple-A club, my guess is that it’s Colorado Springs. While San Antonio is a huge market — one that would not be easy to abandon — Elmore may have little patience with the city if he has a brand new stadium in another viable market at his fingertips.


  3. Rf9

    So what does this mean for the wing nuts n the tx teams

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