It’s the ‘Badlands Big Sticks’ for New Dickinson (ND) Franchise

The start-up Expedition League’s Dickinson (ND) franchise will the known as the Badlands Big Sticks.  The name originates from Teddy Roosevelt’s saying, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”  Dickinson is near Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  The team’s logo was designed by Ross Johnson Design Company.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “It’s the ‘Badlands Big Sticks’ for New Dickinson (ND) Franchise

  1. Think the Frisco RoughRiders might have something to say about this logo?

  2. eastfirst107

    This league is certainly getting a lot of mileague out of their logo-unveiling press releases…but is anyone with any experience in the business of baseball actually involved with this?

    The league’s web site is quite sparse, and the guy running the thing is a consultant from Minneapolis with no apparent baseball background. Ten teams, a 64-game season, and pretty significant distances between teams (Brandon to Hastings, 700 miles) is pretty ambitious to start off with.

    • NDBaseball

      This certainly does give a bit of worry, considering how sketchy the online sources are. I also find it interesting that the Dickinson newspaper even gets the name of the league wrong, makes me suspicious of legitimacy. I could be wrong but something certainly doesn’t seem right here.

      • Edward

        They got the league name wrong in the headline but they did get it right towards the end of the article. Unfortunately copy editing has gone the way of the buffalo.

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