A New Way to Rank MLB Ballparks

Joe Mock from BaseballParks.com talks with Max Schleicher from the start-up firm in Chicago called ReviewTrackers.  Max explains that the company, among other things, analyzes online reviews of products and services to assess “customer service insights.”  Using the company’s data collection and analysis capabilities, there is now a new way to rank MLB ballparks.  Read more here.  See ReviewTrackers’ MLB stadium ranking here.

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One response to “A New Way to Rank MLB Ballparks

  1. Edward

    4 of their top 5 are also in my top 5. Also most of their bottom 10 are in my bottom 10. And I thought my opinion on ballparks was unique. As far as Fenway and Wrigley are concerned I feel they work great as museums but are impractical as big league ballparks. In other words, take the tour and skip the game.

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