Legends to Celebrate ‘So Close, Yet so Far Away’ Solar Eclipse Night

PRESS RELEASE – The Lexington Legends will be honoring the Great American Total Solar Eclipse at Whitaker Bank Ballpark on Monday, August 21 with their very own #SoCloseYetSolarFarAway Solar Eclipse Night.

The Legends will celebrate the first total solar eclipse to be seen in Kentucky since 1869, and before that 1717, with the replaying of the Great American Total Solar Eclipse during the Legends game against the Asheville Tourists. The total solar eclipse will be shown on the videoboards during the game, and fans will have the opportunity to enjoy featured solar eclipse-themed food and beverage specials such as the Deep Fried Moon Pies (related to the Tourists’ Mr. Moon) and the ‘Total Solar Eclipse’ cocktail from the bar in the Kentucky Ale Taproom.

At the Legends #SoCloseYetSolarFarAway game, all parents can take advantage of the Kids Eat N’ Play Free promotion, where all kids 12 years of age and under will receive a free meal voucher and free kids play area vouchers, courtesy of Member Heritage Credit Union. The Legends are 160 miles (Bowling Green, KY) from the path of totality, and just 200 miles from the “point of the eclipse” in Hopkinsville, KY. Since Lexington is so close, yet so far away from a total eclipse, the Legends want to have fun with the once-in-a-lifetime event, which will take place during the afternoon of August 21.

Kentucky is among the 14 states that will be on the path of totality, and will host the “instant of greatest eclipse”, where the axis of the Moon’s shadow makes its closest approach to Earth’s center, in western Kentucky near Hopkinsville, KY at 1:25:32 pm CDT. The average width of the path of totality is 71.2 miles across Kentucky, with the central line covering a distance of 97 miles across Kentucky. The average central line duration of totality is 2 minutes 40 seconds across Kentucky.

Residents in Lexington will see a partial solar eclipse for 2 hours and 52 minutes, with roughly a 94% eclipse of the moon covering a large portion of the sun. The first phase of the partial eclipse will start at 1:02:00 pm EDT, with the maximum partial solar eclipse at 2:30:00 pm EDT, and the final phase eclipsing at 3:54:00 pm EDT. In Lexington at maximum eclipse, the sun will be at an altitude of 62.13 degrees in the SSW part of the sky.

Before 2017, the last two total solar eclipses visible from Kentucky were on August 1, 1869 and October 4, 1717. After 2017, the next two total solar eclipses visible from Kentucky will be on April 8, 2024 and October 17, 2153.

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