Jackals Unveil New Logos

PRESS RELEASE – To commemorate the 20th anniversary season of the New Jersey Jackals, we are pleased to introduce our new brand identity, which includes refreshed logos and a revamped font.

This decision was not made lightly as we understand fans are proud of the team’s rich history and winning tradition. This is why our brand evolution retains core elements such as the jackal head and “NJ” lettermark. The signature red and black colors also remain. The previous iterations will be now referred to as our classic logos.

Our design goal was to create an identity that would be more exciting and energetic, yet conveys strength and power. With the help of Worthen Design, we have captured the spirit and enthusiasm of the Jackals brand. Both the logo and wordmark have been updated to better reflect who we are and to establish a bold new visual statement.

For our iconic animal, we chose a more modern and expressive look. The new jackal head is now depicted at an angle that has a greater dynamic and realistic appearance. The new wordmark features a contemporary font with sharper serifs that mirror the teeth of the jackal. Both elements incorporate a baseball wrapped by the popular tail motif to reinforce our connection to the sport.

We have appreciated your support over the past 20 seasons and look forward to the next 20. We hope you “Get Jacked” about the new designs and our continued efforts to make Jackals baseball great again. Please visit the Yogi Berra Stadium Team Store to see the exciting new merchandise as well as our classic products. Please call 973.746.7434 for more information.

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