The Laredo Lemurs Saga Unfolds

The Laredo (TX) City Council voted this week to send a letter to all parties involved with the Laredo Lemurs (Independent Professional, American Association) to vacate the premises of  Uni-Trade Stadium and pursue proposals for buyers or leasers for the stadium.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “The Laredo Lemurs Saga Unfolds

  1. Edward

    I’m wonder who, besides the AA, could place a team in Laredo. Perhaps the Atlantic League as a travel partner for the Sugarland team (not that Laredo is all that close to Sugarland). The only other would be the Pecos league which has recently been putting teams in abandoned ballparks (Adelanto, Bakersfield and Tucson). I haven’t been to Unitrade Stadium so I don’t know if it’s up to AL standards but it’s fairly new so maybe something could be worked out. The Pecos league though is usually a last resort/stop-gap measure if the city becomes desperate for a tenant. Of course it’s always possible the AA gets a new ownership group in there. Anyway the city should get some team in there otherwise the stadium could end up like Lagrave Field.

  2. Rf9

    If she didn’t have money to run the team then why was she given it

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