President of Minor League Baseball Visits Beloit, Talks New Ballpark

PRESS RELEASE – Pat O’Conner, President of Minor League Baseball, visited Beloit on Tuesday to meet with prominent members of the community. He described his visit as “enlightening and positive” to acknowledge the need for a new stadium as a long-term solution to keep affiliated professional baseball in Beloit.

The Beloit Snappers Board of Directors hosted a luncheon at The Beloit Club to give O’Conner and influential city members and officials an opportunity to build a coalition centered on a common goal. His address to the crowd of attendees was highlighted by the importance of the community as a fundamental component of the Snappers.

“Snappers baseball hinges greatly on this community,” stated O’Conner. In regards of a potential new facility, he further explained, “From now on, what it’s going to take is a broad base of community support to make this decision.”

Prior to the luncheon, President O’Conner was joined by Midwest League President Dick Nussbaum as guests to a morning session held by the Snapper Board of Directors. O’Conner was encouraged during that particular meeting by a presentation centered on community support.

“This morning, I saw a glimmer of hope. I was very impressed with the breadth and the depth of work that has been done,” says O’Conner. “I think there is momentum,” he would go on to explain.

Throughout his thirteen-minute speech, he balanced positive remarks with reminders of the challenges ahead. Another angle he provided was the impact that Beloit has not only on the 15 other cities in the Midwest League, but the landscape of Major League Baseball. The city of Beloit holds one of 160 entities that serve as training grounds for the future of baseball.

President O’Conner acknowledged the importance of the current situation in Beloit as it relates to the mission of Minor League Baseball and his dedication to helping the community find a resolution.

“I am committed to working with this community,” stated O’Conner near the close of his address


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3 responses to “President of Minor League Baseball Visits Beloit, Talks New Ballpark

  1. Rf9

    The problem with parks today are like an old Waylon Jennings song of 4 car garage n we’re still building on . Iow towns aren’t putting themselves in bankruptcy to make mlb owners richer which is why these new park rules are still being gotten around for well over 20 yrs

  2. Been Around

    Times have changed since towns like Beloit could support the modern business model of MiLB. Sometimes you just have to let it go and drop down to (in their case) the Northwoods, where operating costs are significantly lower and you don’t have to deal with spring weather. April and May are huge money losers for the Clintons, Burlingtons, Beloits of the world, where the season starts basically on the tail end of winter, with many rain/snow outs, low turnouts but still the same amount of expenses to travel and maintain. Keep the stadium, the Northwoods would jump in there in a second. Many similar towns, most of the Northwoods in fact, were at one time MiLB markets and realized they couldn’t sustain and pay modern expenses. There’s no shame in realizing it’s time to move on.

  3. Rf9

    Hate to say but good luck

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