Lowell Spinners Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

lowell-spinners-new-logoPRESS RELEASE – The Lowell Spinners, short-season affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, revealed a new series of logos and uniforms at an event held today at Lowell General Hospital’s Clark Auditorium. The new logo features an updated look to the team’s mascot, Canaligator, and includes a skyline replete with Lowell’s iconic mills and factories.


“Our new logos better reflect exactly who we are,” said team owner Dave Heller. “The old logos did not even mention the word ‘Lowell.’ We are proud not merely to be from Lowell but of Lowell; the canals that run through this great city are a big part of our DNA, and we are proud to put the Lowell name back on our logo, jerseys and caps. We also wanted to incorporate our affiliation with the Red Sox as well as the factories and mills that define Lowell. Like the Spinners, they are an integral part of Lowell’s past, present and very bright future.”

The new look will continue the traditional red, white, and navy color scheme the Spinners, and the Red Sox, have used since the team’s inception in 1996. The new color scheme also re-introduces the green found on the Canaligator for the first time since 2004. The new lettering is in the same style as that of the Red Sox, a tribute to the Spinners’ parent club of the past 20 years.

The new home uniforms feature a traditional white jersey and pants combination with the word “Spinners” written across the chest in red, similar to the Red Sox home uniforms. The hat includes a navy body with a red brim and the new “Spinning Gator” logo.

When the team is on the road, the Spinners will don navy jerseys and grey pants with “Lowell” written across the chest in red lettering. The road hats feature a navy body and brim with the new “Lowell L” logo serving as a tribute to the Red Sox infamous “Boston B” logo. An alternate cap features an Irish green body with the letter “L” in the same Red Sox-like font.

“We are proud to be an important part of the Red Sox family and to play an integral role in helping the Sox develop the next generation of major league stars.” said Heller “Our new look celebrates that relationship while creating something that is uniquely Lowell.”

Following the unveiling event, Heller and other members of the Spinners front office, along with Canaligator, visited patients in the pediatric ward of the hospital and provided them with foam baseballs featuring the new logo.

Fans will be able to see the Spinners in their new uniforms for the first time when they open their season on June 19th against the Vermont Lake Monsters at LeLacheur Park. New Spinners apparel can be purchased online at http://www.lowellspinners.com or at the team store, located at LeLacheur Park.

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