Pecos League Expands to Bakersfield, Adelanto

Pecos League LogoThe independent Pecos League announced on Friday it will have franchises in Bakersfield and Adelanto (CA) in 2017, bringing professional baseball back to two markets that lost affiliated minor league teams to relocation after this past season.  Read more here.



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8 responses to “Pecos League Expands to Bakersfield, Adelanto

  1. Jason

    The two teams will be the Monterey Amberjacks and California City Whiptails. They both have Facebook and team webpages and have been mentioned in a couple new articles on the new expansion teams. I do like both logos and the name-especially Whiptails.

  2. Been Around

    Something to remember is that Dunn has a history of announcing teams, names, logos, Web sites, before actually securing a lease in the towns he announces. See the recent happenings in Amarillo, where the City decided to lease the stadium to a small-time collegiate team and the local high school after Dunn had already started trying to sell tickets there. I’d be skeptical about any Pecos league teams anywhere until the cities themselves announce signed leases.

  3. AZdev

    There was talk last month of Monterey. CA as well as California City, CA. out by Edwards Air Base.. The field in Cal City would need to be brought up to par, not sure if it is even playable at this point. Monterey would only host weekend games (SAT/SUN) due to, I guess prior commitments.

  4. Edward

    On the Pecos league web site they have 2 yet to be named teams joining Bakersfield and Adelanto in a Pacific division. Any ideas on what those 2 teams will be?

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