Judge Dismisses Safety Netting Lawsuit

Major League Baseball LogoA U.S. judge has dismissed a lawsuit seeking to require the 30 Major League Baseball teams to extend netting at stadiums farther down the first- and third-base lines to protect fans from injuries caused by foul balls and broken bats.  Read more here.

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One response to “Judge Dismisses Safety Netting Lawsuit

  1. can see the ruling being fair. I attended many games where the public announcer did state the dangers of “The Hot Zones”, as FoulBallz mentioned. It’s a sit at your own risk situation.
    Those that sued were most likely money seekers.
    In another way I can see the point of view of some fans, yet if you are told the dangers, then it is their decision to sit there.
    I went to a game a couple of years ago and the person sitting next to me was oblivious to what was going on. A foul ball popped up and I thought I could get it. When I realized that I would be reaching over that person, I backed off. The fan was hit right on the thigh and I could see the stitching imprint on their leg. I recommended they go to the emt’s that were there. The person said they were ok. The area hit proceeded to turn black, blue and purple almost immediate. The person just sat there and did nothing. Nice souvenir I guess? Someone did manage to get the ball and give it to them.

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