Camden, Atlantic City Could Return to Atlantic League

Atlantic League LogoIn a lengthy phone conversation with Atlantic League CEO and founder Frank Boulton, he confirmed that that the league has had conversations about a return to “one or both” of the Atlantic City and Camden markets, but not for the 2017 season.  Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the heads up.


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3 responses to “Camden, Atlantic City Could Return to Atlantic League

  1. Jason

    This would be perfect for the Atlantic League, but wonder of the same issue will exist in both cities. Atlantic City has been notorious for not supporting minor league sports and Camden’s checked reputation could hinder success at Campbell’s Field, despite have one hell of a view and menu choices. Is New Jersey just an affiliated baseball type of state?

    • eastfirst107

      I think the fact that Somerset and the NJ Jackals are entering their 20th seasons, not to mention Sussex County’s attendance was up 35% this year, is pretty clear evidence that New Jersey isn’t “just an affiliated baseball type of state.”

  2. That is a very interesting article. I do hope baseball comes back for both areas. I visited Campbells Field in 2011. I am a Ducks fan and I was visiting a good friend in Pennsylvania and that field is about 30 minutes from where she lives, just across the Ben Franklin Bridge. It was really amazing to see the bridge blending nicely with the background in left field. We both had fun.
    Thanks for sharing the information.

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