Bismarck Baseball Releases 5 Name-the-Team Finalists, Vote Now!

Northwoods League Logo wo WordmarkPRESS RELEASE – In an election year, what better way is there to pick our team name than a good old fashioned VOTE!

Bismarck Baseball Uncle SamNOW THIS IS NO ORDINARY VOTE. Think about it Bismarck. This will be the logo on your hat. The name you’re chanting in the bottom of the 9th. And unlike our Presidential votes, this can’t be undone in 4 years. This is permanent! It’s your duty; rather, it’s your obligation to give your two cents and let us know what you think! Your future (or maybe just your summers) depend on it.

From July 11-August 14, the Bismarck, Mandan, and surrounding communities will be able to cast their vote for the name they’d like to be rooting for next summer. After over 500 submissions, the following names were chosen as the Final Five finalists.

Bismarck Baldies – The Bald Eagle population is back in North Dakota and doing better than ever! What’s more American than baseball and Bald Eagles!? And with a name like Baldies, we’d have some fun built in promotional nights as well. George Costanza would approve.

Bismarck Bigfoot – It’s official. Bigfoot will be spotted in Bismarck next summer if this is what you pick! Fun name, great logo potential…the only question is will fans be able to spot our mascot at the ballpark?!

Bismarck Bullies – A tribute to our state’s favorite US President, Teddy Roosevelt. In reference to Teddy’s coined phrase the “bully pulpit,” this name also ties into Teddy’s Bull Moose Party he started in 1912. With moose native to North Dakota as well, this name has lots of meaning and great mascot potential!

Bismarck Flickertails – Don’t be fooled. Just like in your yards, these ground squirrels will be causing havoc on the ballfield for years to come. A nod to North Dakota’s nickname the Flickertail State, this fun name will make for a great mascot and logo.

Bismarck Meadowlarks (Larks) – Not only does the name have a great ring to it when said with Bismarck, but the state bird of North Dakota also visits our state mostly in the summer (just like our baseball team).

For voting, fans will be entered into the drawing to win one of 50 Bismarck baseball caps or one of 25 t-shirts. To add an additional entry for prizes fans can 1) LIKE Bismarck Baseball on Facebook and post your favorite team name on our wall 2) Follow Bismarck Baseball on Twitter @bismarckbasebal and tweet your favorite name at the team using #FinalFiveVote. Winners of the contest will be announced in August AFTER the Final Five name vote.

Fans can also reserve their 7-Game Packs for the 2017 inaugural season online now. 7-Game Packs and Season Tickets are the only way to guarantee tickets to Opening Weekend, the other best games of the season, Bismarck Baseball bobbleheads, and much more.

A small list of additional rules are listed below:

  • One entry per email address.
  • All information must be accurate in order to qualify for prizes.
  • A list of winners will be posted at a later date this summer.
  • Bareknuckle Baseball management reserves the right to market, develop and use in commerce, any name submitted by a contestant.
  • Votes will be tallied and weighed by the team’s front office in their final team name decision.


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