Name the Team Voting Underway for Port Angeles Franchise

West Coast League LogoMatt Acker, who is working to place a summer collegiate West Coast League franchise in Port Angeles (WA), has narrowed the list of potential team names to Hooks,  Pinchers, Sasquatch and Timber Giants.  Vote here.  Read background story here.  Based on a clue in the background story about a relocation and the rumor we have heard, it appears Acker is going to move his once-promising but now-attendance-cellar-dweller Kitsap BlueJackets to Port Angeles under a new name, and place the BlueJackets in the Puget Sound Collegiate League, where he serves as president.  Read about Acker’s acquisition of the BlueJackets here.


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4 responses to “Name the Team Voting Underway for Port Angeles Franchise

  1. Radio Guy

    A “sort of” correction: Kitsap has been an attendance cellar-dweller for years and it’s even worse in 2016…the “announced attendance” (translation: “The team SAYS that’s how many people were there, but we’re not buying it”) has been less than 300 a game in a league where nine of eleven teams are averaging 1,000 or more. Gresham’s been a washout, too.

    Unfortunately, Port Angeles will be little better because they’d be playing at a football stadium where the grandstand begins just beyond first base and runs parallel to the right-field foul line. Good market for the WCL because PA is isolated, but who wants to sit at a 90-degree angle for nine innings? If they could transplant the ballpark in Silverdale the Bluejackets currently play in (a nice facility) to PA, problem solved, but it doesn’t work that way.

    • ballparkbiz

      I said “now” because the team started out with a bang back when I was a engaged with the league and the owners when the PIL split and the WCCBL was created. In fact, I made recommendations to the former owner about how to keep the ball rolling, including hiring a full-time GM and building a deck or other party/group area, but the franchise eventually lost its mojo. There is no reason a team at that ballpark (even though it was poorly designed to begin with) with a few changes and a good owner who understands branding, marketing and making the park “the place to be,” wouldn’t be successful in the WCL. It’s a shame the team is where it is today. Quite frankly, I don’t get this “improvement” to the Kitsap ballpark:

      It needs to be lower, if it is going to be a walking-around gathering place or have tables, and it should be tiered if there is going to be premium row seating. I will reserve my full judgment until the vision has been executed, but I am not getting it right now by what I see in the photo.

      I am very aware of Port Angeles and explored the market myself back in 2006 and 2007. There is indeed opportunity there and having a rivalry a quick ferry ride across the Straight of Juan de Fuca is quite appealing. The view of the Olympics is also very cool:

      But, without a major marketing blitz (and not a rinky-dink name the team contest on a less-than professional website of another, lower-level league) and major upgrades to the grandstand — at least along the lines of Walla Walla — I don’t believe this venture will succeed. Too bad the league parted ways with Ken Wilson, who would have effectively managed this move.


      • ballparkbiz

        Going into Gresham was a bad move. The Aloha Knights (now the successful Corvallis Knights) couldn’t get out of the Mt. Hood Community College ballpark fast enough. There is no reason Klamath Falls shouldn’t have a successful team in the league, if done right.


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