Montreal, Mexico City Are Manfred’s Frontrunners for International MLB Expansion

Major League Baseball LogoCommissioner Rob Manfred discusses the possibility of Major League Baseball adding teams with the Chicago White Sox’s broadcast team:

Read more here from the Washington Post.


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8 responses to “Montreal, Mexico City Are Manfred’s Frontrunners for International MLB Expansion

  1. tenaciouspuma

    Mexico City is an awful idea…and it’s only going to get worse depending on the politics of the next election…but there may be a natural wall to hit homeruns over…

  2. bball35

    Yea Charlotte just building a AAA ballpark will be tough, but they have shown they will pack the place out. In a perfect world they would build the MLB stadium in the exact spot they have the new stadium.

  3. Rf9

    Portland having kicked out the Plc IMO hurt their chances btw what about Indy

  4. Tad Ward

    Mexico City is a terrible idea. Charlotte might be tough due to the new stadium for the AAA team, San Antonio is more interested in AAA team and doubt Rangers/Astros would go for that. Nashville would be interesting choice but again same thing with stadium. I would like to see Portland considered for expansion or relocation of A’s.

  5. Rf9

    Why not San Antonio

  6. bball35

    Not Charlotte??? This is disappointing to say the least.

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