Study Says Macon Can Support Minor League Baseball Franchise

Macon GeorgiaDevelopment firm says Macon-Bibb County (GA) can support a minor league baseball team.  Read more and watch news reports here and here.


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3 responses to “Study Says Macon Can Support Minor League Baseball Franchise

  1. I looked through the linked article, but I couldn’t find any more details than Macon “could support a minor league team.” It’s hard to say if they are referring to affiliated or otherwise–or if affiliated, which levels. Are there any rumors of relocation? Both the Sally League and the Southern League have hosted teams from Macon. Sally would probably be the best fit, but Macon’s population would be in line with Southern League cities. Have you heard anything more about this?

    • ballparkbiz

      This is still very, very preliminary, so no team is planning a move there. We have to be talking about an affiliated club (likely Single-A), as there are no independent leagues in the footprint to place a team there, except maybe the Atlantic League if they want to swallow another distant outpost without a travel partner.

      • Baseballforever

        Any word on this subject. I have coached in the Macon and surrounding area for over 17 years and would love to see a team in Macon. I have only coached as high as the High School level but I do have a Business degree. Heck I would sell popcorn if I had to to help get this going.

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